​Anxiety treatments are like buses... there are hundreds...
...but which one should you take? Let us explain.

​I believe this page will transform how you consider your condition and recovery

​Which is the RIGHT bus?

​This is a question we ask clients who want to understand why ​none of the treatments they have used, to date, have produced ​recovery. Don't let anyone tell you that anxiety disorders can't be removed... that's just nonsense.

The answer to the question is actually very logical.

You see, treatments are like buses... there are thousands out there, but the right bus is the one that takes you to where you need to go.


Have you tried 'everything' and feel no better?

Humans are generally are SO trusting - when someone tells us that ​a treatment is scientific, evidence based and effective... we accept it!

We do so, pretty much, in blind faith...

​We all know what works and what doesn't because you, like most sufferers, have probably been through a lengthy, time-wasting, emotionally draining process of trial and error...

I know that because I did and since 1996 I have helped throusands who have had and are going through, the exact same process... it's mind-blowing, frustrating and destructive​!

SO... back to the buses... do we randomly get on and off hundreds of buses until, by luck, we find the right one? 

No, of course not... we get on the one that presents evidence of efficacy. The one that takes us home.

Instead of ​doing the same thing over and over, hoping that something 'sticks'... trust results. Get evidence. Real evidence.

Just ask your current practitioner to prove they can cure you... get testimonials from other patients that have recovered... if they treat 20 people a week... ask for 100 so you can truly gauge whether you are "on the right bus"... whether that person is wasting your time, money and trust.

Do you buy cars on trust? Do you trust that it's crash free, finance free and that it actually works? No, you gather evidence and check that the car won;t kill you.

So why do ​you trust complete strangers with your mind and body without a shred of evidence that they can help you?

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS - Your emotional responses CANNOT be adjusted by...

  • Changing your thoughts
  • Becoming more positive
  • Trying to relax
  • Changing your breathing
  • Meditation
  • Hypnosis
  • Tapping
  • Eye movements
  • Medication
  • Spirit healing
  • Reiki
  • Yoga
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Counselling

Why? Because absolutely none of these can reach the emotions control centre in your brain. ​

NO ONE has ever recovered from an anxiety disorder by doing these, in fact, quite the opposite. They can, at best, not work... but possibly make you worse.

This may surprise you.

It may be totally opposite to what you have been told.

It may not 'sit well' with you... it might even make you feel angry.

​Ask anyone that has ​had any of these 'treatments' and I assure you every single one of them will say... "it didn't cure me" The science is just wrong.

Read carefully: There are 1000's of treatments for a 'cut finger'...

​But which one will cure the cut? You can spend money on plasters, ointments, steri-strips and other dressings... there's a £billion industry out there producing this 'stuff'... but which cures you?

None of them... the ONLY way to cure cut skin is your body's own ability to send new skin cells to the gap to 'fill it in'. Yes, you can keep it clean, but that takes salt water and a dressing, not thousands of products and huge profits.

The exact same is true of your anxiety condition... NOTHING you do works to create reduction and elimination of your disorder - UNLESS it does what your brain and body are waiting for... it doesn't matter what you are told, promised or given... unless it falls in line with the science of the emotions... it will fail.

You see...

The part of the mind that controls your emotional responses is regulated by the Limbic system and instructed by your senses and absolutely none of the processes and treatments listed above can reach that area of the brain... so, at best, you might get a nice chat or some reassurance, but what you won't get... is a solution.

Do you understand that science?

​The ONLY way to ​remove your anxiety, phobias, obsessions, low mood or panic attacks is deeply embedded in your physical self.

No matter how you feel... the digestive, heart, respiratory or emotional outpourings you experience... it doesn;t matter how long you have suffered. You can and will recover from every manifestation of your condition fully.

EVERY recovered sufferer has done the EXACT same thing to erase their ​disorder - because the emotions only have ONE control mechanism.

​So, why can't the process fail?

Like 'eating to remove hunger', this process cannot and will not fail - any other treatment will.

That's just simple human biology!

...​you can drink water to fill your stomach, but the brain knows it's not food and will resend hunger signals.

If your mind needs solid food... it won't ​switch off hunger till it's received ​it.

In effect, your disorder is your brain sending ​hunger signals. 

It's asking for something... and we will show you how to provide it in the correct way so that it's satisfied fast... and permanently.

Simple science = Fast recovery

In TLM we will explain the science - this isn't 'our science' - it's just science... simple science... the science that will change your life! 

You'll, not only, recover fully, but you will protect yourself from ever suffering again.

Is this confirmed science? Oh yes... this is extremely simple science but psychology and psychiatry don't use it. Why?

​Because this science doesn't fall within those ​practices. The science of recovery comes from neurology but is remedied by psycho-education.

You TEACH your brain to switch off inappropriate fear... but you do it in the way your brain understands.

You see, emotions aren't 'mental health' issues, they are conditions caused by a change in the way your mind controls hormone release.

Anxiety disorder (and all associated conditions) is so easily remedied.

If you DO exactly what we show you today... you will immediately feel 'better'. It can't fail because that's the way the mind and body work.

​NEVER listen to people who justify their inability to cure you with silly science. People recover fully and simply every day and you will too.

Charles Linden


Linden Tree Education

​100% recovery efficacy in trials and 20 years practice.

​15 year old Hollie says it better than anyone else... please just listen and understand how her story could be yours!

She returned her life around in days... not even a week... she's not an acception, she's a typical TLM client!

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I liken anxiety's relationship to fear with diarrhoea's relationship to bowel movements...
one's 'order', the other 'disorder'... I show people how to remove the disorder... erasing fear diarrhoea!
Charles Linden

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