​Anxiety Recovery Retreats
Residential Recovery ​Programs

Devised by ​ex sufferer specialists over 20 years ago - 100% Recovery success rate in trials and practice

Immersion in an environment for recovery like no other.

This unique experience provides anxiety disorder sufferers with a home-from-home experience in which they feel nurtured, cared for and guided in every way.

The venue is just so beautiful and comfortable but more than that, the experience it presents in the form of the Anxiety Recovery Retreat is second to none.

Since 2008, The Retreats have hosted people from all over the world, celebrities, music stars and politicians all looking for the same outcome... total recovery.

Is it expensive? No. Whilst some people may find it unaffordable, it is actually the least expensive residential mental healthcare available. Support continues after the Retreat ends but most attendees report life-changing experiences and even return to the Retreat repeatedly in order to tell new clients their stories.

We love being at the Retreats; it's like a warm hug and the team always get excited as a Retreat week approaches.

Call Jo Goodchild for more information on +44(0)1562 732078 or email her at jo@thelindencentre.org

​Recovery Retreat Show Around

I liken anxiety's relationship to fear with diarrhoea's relationship to bowel movements...
one's 'order', the other 'disorder'... I show people how to remove the disorder... erasing fear diarrhoea!
Charles Linden

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